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March 24 March 21, 2024 · Nessa Johnson Reel World: Batter Up Scoop up some our many baseball related DVDs. Nessa highlights some of her favorites to get you started. excited February 27, 2024 · I didn’t know the library has BingePass Hoopla's BingePass gives you access to a collection of books, movies or videos with only one checkout. film February 14, 2024 · Julie Nelson The Reel World: Stranger Than Fiction These riveting documentaries will prove once again that bizarre and unusual events aren't just for fiction. film January 16, 2024 · Perry Hartmann The Reel World: Fresh award-winning international films Check out the five latest award-winning additions to the library's International Film Collection. movies December 1, 2023 · Nessa Johnson The Reel World: The best holiday movies Checkout your favorite holiday movies and try out a few new ones. film November 13, 2023 · Julie Nelson The Reel World: Community challenges Discover documentaries that humanize the issues of unsheltered families, new refugees & first-generation immigrants. film October 24, 2023 · Perry Hartmann The Reel World: More award-winning international films You'll be amazed how quickly you forget these films have subtitles when you become engrossed in the stories. film September 21, 2023 · Nessa Johnson The Reel World: Great Courses & Wondrium Nessa highlights some intriguing courses you can take anytime with your library card and start learning for fun. film August 8, 2023 · Julie Nelson The Reel World: The farming life Julie recommends documentaries that offer a revealing glimpse into the heartbreak and hope of farming. film July 20, 2023 · Perry Hartmann The Reel World: Newest award-winning international films Perry highlights the latest award-winning additions to the library's international films, which all have English subtitles. monster July 10, 2023 · Shari Schawo Creepy Campy Robots Shari recommends '80s movies full of tips on how to please, hide from or defy our AI overlords. film June 9, 2023 · Nessa Johnson The Reel World: Relish the splendor of nature Amazing filmmakers take you into the beauty and wonder of State and National Parks. film April 14, 2023 · Perry Hartmann The Reel World: Academy Award winning international films Perry highlights recent Academy Award winners of Best International Feature Film you can check out. monster March 28, 2023 · Shari Schawo Creepy Campy Cinema: Apocalypse Shari recommends movies with destruction, mayhem, romance and humor. film March 10, 2023 · Nessa Johnson The Reel World: It's basketball, baby! Nessa recommends amazing true-stories of basketball players' impact on their towns, the sport & society. film February 15, 2023 · Julie Nelson The Reel World: Love from many angles Julie recommends tender and thought-provoking documentaries about love. These real stories are worth watching. film January 17, 2023 · Perry Hartmann Top 5 new international award-winning films Perry recommends five excellent additions to our international films you can check out in late January. couple watching movie January 11, 2023 · Jennifer Jones 5 Must-see movies from books There are very few good movies based on books. Jennifer recommends her top 5. film strip on a colorful background September 12, 2022 · Nessa Johnson The Reel World: Step outside your arena Nessa recommends intriguing documentaries about unique sports that might not on be on your radar. film strip on a colorful background March 17, 2022 · Nessa Johnson The Reel World: Competitive word games Nessa recommends entertaining documentaries on word game competitions & creators. movie mind February 13, 2019 · Shannon Eddings Can we talk about Dax Shepard? Check out reviews of some of Dax's flicks and his current podcast. movie mind header December 14, 2018 · Shannon Eddings It's a Family Thing Check out these movies about families from the truly dysfunctional to the warm and fuzzy. movie mind header October 14, 2018 · Shannon Eddings At the ballpark Baseball is in the post-season, so it's time to stock up on baseball movies! movie mind header September 13, 2018 · Shannon Eddings More Saoirse Ronan please! See Shannon's top three picks for flicks with actress Saoirse Ronan.
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