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I didn’t know the library has BingePass

You probably know the library has a variety of apps for reading and learning just about anything you find interesting. One of my favorite apps is Hoopla. Its variety of audiobooks makes sampling different genres so fun and easy! But a feature I had yet to explore was Hoopla’s BingePass. I wish I had known about it sooner.

Once when my young daughter wasn’t feeling well, I let her use my device to check out a few things on my Hoopla account. She was thrilled to find some of her favorite books in the app! It was fun for her to peruse them on her own. But the next day when I tried to check out that audiobook I was so excited about, I found she had used up all my checkouts to stream episodes of her favorite kids show. (Does this qualify as a parenting fail?)

Typically, you can check out 10 items per month on Hoopla, which can be any combination of audiobooks, ebooks, digital movies, television programs or music. With a BingePass you can access dozens of materials for seven days with only one checkout to your account.

Amazing content on BingePass

If you like Hallmark movies, you can stream more than 1500 hours of ad-free Hallmark originals with Hallmark Movies Now. Access more than 100 magazines on the go with Hoopla Magazines. Explore The Great Courses, film festivals or even classic comic strips with BingePasses for all for of that!

If your child likes to feed their curiosity with stories and videos, you will definitely find a BingePass they can explore without using all their checkouts at once (on their own library card, to boot!).

kid bandNow that my daughter is older, there’s a BingePass we’re excited to dive into together — Fret Zealot. She’s got a guitar, I’ve got a ukulele, and the Fret Zealot BingePass has more than 3500 hours of lessons from master musicians. Maybe we can start a family band!

Well … maybe.

But isn’t it great we can try our hand at it just by using our library cards?

Whatever you enjoy chances are we have a BingePass for that!

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