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guitars June 10, 2024 · Stephen Ferrell The Western spirit of modern Canadian country Discover a crooner with a voice like well-worn leather, heavy metal licks on a banjo and clever storytelling in these Canadian country bands. colorful CD May 15, 2024 · Allie Lockwood Discover variety and joy in chamber music Explore unique classical music that ranges from calming to energetic and cinematic to intimate. excited February 27, 2024 · I didn’t know the library has BingePass Hoopla's BingePass gives you access to a collection of books, movies or videos with only one checkout. cassette tapes February 20, 2024 · Stephen Ferrell The conscious grooves of Native Tongues hip-hop artists Discover three of the 1980s hip-hop groups sometimes referred to as “socially conscious,” “Afrocentric” or even “progressive rap” who formed the Native Tongues collective. woman dancing January 17, 2024 · Allie Lockwood Music that makes you dance Allie recommends albums she's been listening to while dance-cleaning (or cooking or driving) like no one is watching.  acordian and guitar December 27, 2023 · Linda Gerwick The joyful, raucous world of Romani music  The history of the Romani people and their music is rich, diverse and inventive. The music will speak to you and move you. headphones brain November 8, 2023 · GR Marchant Heavy metal legends Bang your head with 3 metal albums full of raw energy, frenzied guitar, screaming vocals & thunderous drums. guitar September 20, 2023 · Stephen Ferrell The timeless poetry of Canada's folk legends Stephen highlights folk artists whose music is still comfortable and timeless, understated and built-to-last. abstract August 16, 2023 · Stephen Ferrell Eclectic, electronic British indie-pop Stephen highlights three indie-pop groups who put their distinct spin on a mixture of old and new British pop. abstract June 19, 2023 · Stephen Ferrell Dream of the '90s is alive in 3 albums Stephen highlights current bands that incorporate sounds (and looks) of the '90s without relying on nostalgia. abstract April 13, 2023 · Stephen Ferrell In memory of composer Ryuichi Sakamoto Explore the work of musician, composer and actor Ryuichi Sakamoto. abstract March 22, 2023 · Stephen Ferrell Explore blurred music genres Check out these genre-fusing albums from artists who blend soul, rap, punk, jazz and more in distinctive, postmodern ways. sound wave February 13, 2023 · Stephen Ferrell New jazz wave takes different directions Younger jazz musicians carry the torch and shape the genre with their own tastes and influences. headphones brain January 18, 2023 · Stephen Ferrell Reevaluating classic rock albums through remixes Stephen reviews 3 albums that have had the instruments & effects mixed against each other in a completely new way. gothic featured October 27, 2022 · Stephen Ferrell The gloom & glamour of gothic rock Stephen recommends '80s goth albums from a heady, intoxicating music scene. texas sun featured April 14, 2022 · Stephen Ferrell Fresh funk for free Stephen recommends new albums from musicians who are incorporating funk rhythms. Dood November 16, 2021 · Stephen Ferrell Recommended new music with country roots Stephen recommends three new albums influenced by rock, bluegrass, pop, folk & soul. movie mind header May 9, 2018 · Shannon Edding Movie Soundtrack Magic Find some movie soundtracks you should add to your play list. futureislands April 25, 2014 · Timothy Volpert Music Nerd: Emotive Frontmen Edition against me transgender dysphoria blues March 28, 2014 · Timothy Volpert Music Nerd: The Political Gets Personal Julia With Blue Jeans On cover art February 14, 2014 · Timothy Volpert Music Nerd Recommends: A Touch of Melancholy
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