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Movie Soundtrack Magic

Are you a fan of movie music?

A couple of months ago, GR in library circulation recommended the soundtrack to Baby Driver on Facebook. Have you heard of the movie? It's a heBaby Driverist film about a getaway driver who loves music. Anyway, fast-forward a few months and I was finally able to listen to the soundtrack, and oh it's a good one! It's got a wide spectrum of musical styles including soul, jazz, rock and pop. AllMusic calls it "an expertly curated soundtrack" and, as I am wont to do, my mind wandered to thinking about other movies with exceptional soundtracks.

There are quite a few places on the internet that offer lists of the all-time best soundtracks - RollingStone, AMC's Film Site - and they offer quite a few selections because they don't always agree. Here are a few movies from the lists whose soundtrack I still listen to. Hoopla has 1,000 soundtracks you can download including all the ones below, but unfortunately not the Baby Driver soundtrack.

  • The Wedding Singer 

    I think this is Adam Sandler's best movie and I listen to Rosie (Ellen Albertinin Dow) sing Rapper's Delight on repeat!

  • Do the Right Thing

    These days Spike Lee's early movies, including this one, are time capsules back to the hip-hop and contemporary R&B of the late '80s. It also has a new jack vibe that I still dig!

  • Purple Rain

    Did you know this movie won an Academy Award for best original song score? For the longest time, When Doves Cry was my favorite song from The Purple One.

  • O Brother, Where art Thou

    What I like most about the music in this movie is that it is spot-on for illustrating depression era Mississippi, plus it almost made me a fan of bluegrass!



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