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hands quilting November 20, 2023 · Ginger Park Start a creative journey Find an organized approach to artistic adventures, Creativebug's Learning Journeys help you master new skills. foodie finds August 23, 2023 · Adrianne Evans Foodie Finds: Odd but delicious summer pairings Adrianne shares recipes for basil ice cream and peach tomato gazpacho. quilling tools August 17, 2023 · Katie Escher Create ornate paper art with quilling Katie tries quilling & shares resources so you can try this artsy project, which can be simple or complex. donation box June 22, 2023 · Ginger Park Donating items to Friends of the Library Find guidelines for donating gently used books, movies & music to the Friends. foodie finds May 16, 2023 · Adrianne Evans Foodie Finds: Surfing the web Find a cocktail, cheesy dip, spring salad & great cookbooks to please your palate. foodie finds January 26, 2023 · Adrianne Evans Invest in your foodie future Adrianne walks you through making your own vanilla, garlic confit and garlic oil to use in future foodie goodness. foodie find blueberry muffin featured September 14, 2022 · Adrianne Evans Foodie Finds: Sweet & savory muffins Find recipes that capture the deliciousness of summer produce in muffins you can freeze till winter. recipes featured 1920x500 August 11, 2022 · Adrienne Sanders Local cookbooks are a window to the past Adrienne explores cookbooks from all sorts of Topeka-based churches, clubs and businesses 1908 - 1989. canoe featured 1920x500 July 29, 2022 · Kimberly Sain Discover how you can help the Kansas River The Kansas Riverkeeper talks about her work & the beauty of the world's longest prairie-based river. cake pans July 21, 2022 · Intern I didn’t know the library had cake pans! Don't waste your money on a cake pan you may only use once, check one out from the library. foodie finds header May 19, 2022 · Adrianne Evans Foodie Finds: Kohlrabi Meet a vitamin-rich alien-looking vegetable and learn how to use it in your cooking. summer fun featured 1920x500 May 2, 2022 · Debbie Stanton 3 Kids' tips for cheap summer fun Debbie & her kids have lots of suggestions for inexpensive fun close to home. foodie finds header March 28, 2022 · Adrianne Evans Foodie Finds: Spring means asparagus! Adrianne raves about the many uses of the happiest spring vegetable, asparagus. bird nuthatch January 24, 2022 · Kimberly Sain Be part of the Great Backyard Bird Count It only takes 15 minutes to participate in this important citizen-science activity! butter November 29, 2021 · Adrianne Evans Foodie Finds: Making better (and easy) butter Learn how to make compound butters to add rock star flavor to dishes in no time. retirement planning September 8, 2021 · Kathy Hagan Expert tips to help your countdown to retirement Kathy recommends some books and specific tips that will help you move toward retirement. salad image September 2, 2021 · Adrianne Evans Tasty ways to use up summer produce Find recipes for the farmers market fruits & veggies that might be languishing in your fridge. May 27, 2021 · Adrianne Evans How to Make a Charcuterie Board – Salty, Sweet, Bitter & Sour Deliciousness This tasty, creative, easy-to-make appetizer will impress your friends. chopping vegetables May 20, 2021 · Jennifer Grammer Anyone Can Cook Mexican Tortilla Pinwheels Learn to make an extra easy and delicious appetizer or snack. boy gardening April 22, 2021 · Sherry Hess Create memories, learning & fun gardening with kids Gardening encourages discovery and curiosity, & builds math and science skills. Person chopping a variety of vegetables on a wooden cutting board April 20, 2021 · Jennifer Grammer How to Make Delicious & Super Easy Veggie Pizza Select your favorite veggies & make this pizza as an appetizer or a meal. March 10, 2021 · Donna Casey Now Is the Time to Gear Up for Fabulous Spring Gardening Discover what you can do now to help your garden grow. February 26, 2021 · Adrianne Evans Find Suggestions to Make the Most of Meatless Mondays Explore delicious vegetarian recipes and cookbook recommendations. Person chopping a variety of vegetables on a wooden cutting board February 23, 2021 · Jennifer Grammer How to Make Sweet, Crunchy & Delicious Veggies Find the secret to making scrumptious vegetables!
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