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TSCPL @ School

For most schools, your student number now works as a library card number. It’s your very own library card!
If you are student at Hayden High School, Shawnee Heights, Topeka USD 501, or a middle or high school student at Washburn Rural, you already have a library card account. That means you have access to all resources at the public library, including online databases, ebooks, digital audiobooks and streaming videos as well as all of the physical items at the library.

How does it work?

Use your school district number followed by your student ID number as your library card number. For example if you go to Topeka High and your student ID is 123456, your library card number would be 501123456. If you’re a student at Hayden High School, enter 8572 followed by your student ID (8572123456) as your library card number. You’ll also need your PIN to check out library materials and access digital resources. If you don’t know your PIN, ask your school librarian or contact us at, call 785-580-4400 or text 785-322-4099.

How does this help you?

Get your homework done faster and easier with your library card. You can access our electronic resources 24/7! Find great books to read, download or stream! Or visit the library to use the internet, print or check out a book to read. We even have a growing collection of apps to download to your mobile device.

What are you waiting for? There is an entire library for you to explore and you already have access.

What if I’m not a student at a participating school?

No problem. You can get a library card by visiting the main library or a bookmobile. Use your library card to access these resources that are great for all types of students.

If you are a school administrator in Shawnee County and would like your school to be part of this program, please contact Paul Brennan at or 785-580-4420.