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Reading Tips


You will always be your child’s first teacher. The library provides you resources to encourage your child to embrace reading from early childhood to adulthood. Here are some good tricks of the trade for building a love for reading and sustaining it through all stages of development.

Every Child Ready to Read

BoomerFor babies, toddlers and preschoolers, reading skills are developed with all kinds of activities, not just reading books. Check out these five ways to get your child ready to read when they enter kindergarten.

Ready to Read

5-Finger Rule

Try this! Bring your child to the library or bookmobile and let them choose a book to check out.

5 finger rule​Ask your child to use the 5-Finger Rule: Open the book to any page and start reading. Every time ​they encounter a word they don't know, raise a finger.

Here's how you know if the book is just right for your child:

0-1: Too easy.
2-3: Just right.
4: Okay to try.
5: Too hard.

10 Failsafe ways to get your kid to read

Follow these ten tips to keep reading at the forefront of your child's daily life, or to wrangle your reluctant reader into reading that they'll actually enjoy.

10 Reading Tips

Go Digital

The library has ebooks, e-comics, audiobooks, digital storytimes and virtual preschools. If a regular ol’ book isn’t your kid’s thing, try these alternatives.

Digital Library



Find the perfect book

Ask a librarian for help locating the perfect book for your child. Or visit our catalog to discover books through some of our lovingly-curated lists:


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