Read the Book, See the Show: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Judy Blume’s, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, from the Fudge series, is the book upon which our next Read the Book, See the Show event is based. The Fudge series is a favorite with young readers. But even if you’re family isn’t familiar with it, bring the kids in to our event Feb 1 at 7pm in Marvin Auditorium. A short performance based on the book will give you a great introduction for the series.

The skit will be performed by cast members of the Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy Youth production.   Performances of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, at the Oldfather Theatre, 8th and Oakley, will run from February 10 through 19. Tickets go on sale January 31.

Fudge is a difficult toddler. Peter, Fudge’s older brother, is often asked to “perform” for Fudge, so that Fudge will “copy” him. Peter feels that his parents use him to manipulate Fudge’s behavior while his own needs go unrecognized. This book will make you chuckle…but is it really funny?

Guest Debi Stiles, with Child Care Aware of Northeast and North Central Kansas, will conduct an exercise with the audience and analyze the child rearing techniques used by Peter and Fudge’s parents. Both parents and siblings are invited the join in the discussion.

See a show-and-tell by our library naturalist, Jackie Hurst, as she introduces you to Lilly, her pet water turtle.

Jason Lamb, tween librarian, will interest you in the works of Judy Blume who has written 28 books and sold more than 80 million copies. Blume bases Fudge on her own son! Find out more at

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