audiobookiconLibrary users can get access to a variety of audiobooks using three services, OverDrive (Libby or Classic OverDrive), Hoopla Digital and the Kansas State Library’s RBDigital collection.

Libby is OverDrive’s new app that makes downloading audiobooks and ebooks super easy. Download Libby from the App Store, Google Play or Microsoft, have your library card handy and start reading right away.

OverDrive logoOverDrive also has their classic ebook and audiobook download service you can use from your computer, dedicated ereader, tablet, smart phone or other devices.

Get Audiobooks from OverDrive

OverDrive Information & Instructions

The Basics

  • Digital audiobooks check out for 7, 14, or 21 days. You can change your default checkout period.
  • Users can have 10 digital audiobooks checked out at one time. Digital audiobooks can be returned early if needed.
  • Users will never receive late fees—the files automatically stop working at the end of their checkout period, and/or the user can simply delete them at or before the end of the checkout period.
  • Digital audiobooks can only be checked out to one person at a time. Therefore some items may be unavailable and users will need to place a hold.
  • Digital audiobooks work almost exactly the same as ebooks with OverDrive. The only difference is that on a computer you will use a different software, OverDrive Media Console, to listen to audiobooks or transfer them to an MP3 player.

Computer or Nook Simple Touch
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Kindle & Kindle PaperWhite
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iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone, Android Tablet, Kindle Fire, other App based devices
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Get the OverDrive app or OverDrive software for:
PC or Mac  |  iPhone or iPad  |  Android Kindle Fire 

OverDrive works on almost any computer or device.
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Hoopla thumbnail The library offers a great selection of movies, television shows, educational/instructional videos, documentaries, music, and audiobooks on your browser, smartphone or tablet via Hoopla Digital. Whether you’re looking for a box office hit or a classic, there is sure to be something you’ll enjoy again and again.

Get Audiobooks from Hoopla

Hoopla Information & Instructions

The Basics

  • Hoopla provides digital movies, television programs, music, audiobooks & ebooks.
  • You can only stream Hoopla’s content on a PC or Mac, not download it.
  • You can stream or download Hoopla’s content on iOS or Android devices through the Hoopla Digital App.
  • There are no holds lists for content. All content is available to everyone at any time.
  • You can checkout fifteen (15) items per month on Hoopla. View the number of items you have checked out or have remaining for the month under My Titles.
  • There are no fines or fees. All content stops working at the end of its checkout period.

Checkout limits are as follows:

  • Audiobooks: checkout for 21 days
  • Movies: checkout for 3 days
  • Music: checkout for 7 days
  • TV shows: checkout for 21 days
  • Ebooks & graphic novels checkout for 21 days
  • When you borrow music you get the entire album shown
  • If a television program has more than one episode, you borrow each episode separately, not the entire season

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Stream content on your PC or MAC or get the Hoopla app for:
iPhone or iPad  |  Android

Instructions for New users

Follow these steps to register with Hoopla and begin enjoying your digital content!

  1. Go to the library’s Hoopla Digital’s page.
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Agree to the User Agreement page
  4. Enter your email address and create a password
  5. Under Choose a Library, selected Topeka & Shawnee Co. Public Library
  6. Enter your library card number and PIN (usually the last four digits of your telephone number)

Once you have registered for a Hoopla Digital account you can browse for content and play it on your PC or Mac or play and download on your iOS or Android device with the Hoopla App. Follow the instructions for returning users.

Instructions for Returning User

  1. Follow these steps to browse using your Hoopla login and stream content on your PC or MAC or stream and download to an iOS or Android device with the Hoopla App.
  2. Go to the library’s Hoopla Digital page. Sign in with your email address and password.
  3. Use the available navigation tools to search or browse for a movie, television program, audiobook, or music album.
  4. To borrow an item, click on the items image and then click or tap Borrow.
  5. Click or tap Play to listen or view the item.
  6. If you are using the Hoopla App on an iOS or Android device, tap Download to download it to your device.


OneClickdigital Logo The State Library of Kansas provides access to audiobooks through their OneClickdigital service. While this service is provided by the State, anyone with a TSCPL library card has access.


Get Audiobooks from OneClickdigital

OneClickdigital Information & Instructions

The Basics

  • First time users must use the TSCPL OneClickdigital link to create an account or you will get a registration error.
  • Users get 10 checkouts at a time.
  • Audiobooks can be checkout out up to 21 days. Users select any checkout period from 1-21 days and the audiobook returns when the checkout is over.
  • Users can return audiobooks early.
  • Users can renew an audiobook if no one else is on hold for it.
  • Users can place up to 10 audiobooks on hold at a time.
  • Holds that come available check out to users automatically. Users will get an email notification.

User Guide  |  How-to Video  |  FAQ 

Get the OneClickdigital software/app
Windows, OS X,  Android, Kindle Fire, Nook, iPhone/iPad

Instructions for New users

  1. Register for an account using the library’s link, OneClickdigital website.
  2. Download the OneClickdigital Media Manager software or the OneClickdigital app for mobile devices.
  3. Check out a book from the OneClickdigital website.
  4. On a PC or Mac open your OneClickdigital software to begin using the audiobook or transfer it to an MP3 player.
  5. On an app capable device, open the OneClickdigital app to begin using the audiobook.

Instructions for Returning User

  1. Go to the OneClickdigital website.
  2. Browse for and check out an audiobook.
  3. Open your OneClickdigital software to begin using the auidobook or transfer it to an MP3 player.
  4. On an app capable device, open the OneClickdigital app to begin using the audiobook.