The Bookmark S3 E12: Shifty characters & the authors who create them

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According to Autumn, being a psychopath is on a sliding scale. This episode, we discuss shifty (possibly psychopathic) characters and the authors who create them.

The inspiration for this episode is a letter Chris received from a fan who had kind things to say about Chris, but may have implied Autumn is shifty because of her book/author choices. This episode is for that fan, Myrtle, who may or may not be Chris’ grandmother.

Autumn’s got some great books to add to your reading list including one about a character who has face-blindness (or do they?), a wife with conveniently early-onset Alzheimer’s, and a university that actually recruits psychopaths (until someone starts knocking them off).

Miranda unsurprisingly found a modern Jane Eyre, which we know will have an unreliable narrator. She also suggests books where the clues seem to point back to the narrator leaving us wanting to know who to believe.

Chris claims his wholesome personality is responsible for having fewer shifty characters to tell us about. Tune in to hear about what books he finds shifty.

Here are the books we discussed this time:

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