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the Bookmark Purple April 8, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E29: Strange & curious lives of authors Dive into the interesting lives of some well-known & one lesser-known author. Some of their lives are stranger than their fiction. The Bookmark - Yellow April 1, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E28: Reading Radar with Michelle the Bookmark Pink March 25, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E27: Guest Host Michelle Morris The Bookmark Green March 18, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E26: Guest Host Ginger Park We get to know our hosts better, as readers with preferences. the bookmark blue March 12, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E25: Miranda's Farewell (Part 2) We bid farewell to our host and Readers' Librarian, Miranda, and wish her well with this list of books to read. the bookmark fitted March 4, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark: Miranda's Farewell (Part 1) We say goodbye to our beloved Reader's Librarian, Miranda, as she embarks on a new "chapter." Autumn & Chris send her off with excellent book recommendations. the Bookmark Purple February 26, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E23: The year of the Dragon The only mythological creature in the Chinese zodiac, 2024 is the year of the dragon. Check out our picks of books that include characters with leadership qualities. the Bookmark Pink February 19, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E22: Raiding returned books cart We've raided the recently returned book carts to bring you books for your To Be Read list! The Bookmark - Yellow February 12, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E21: Once Upon a Time Romance We're doing the Once Upon a Time thing again, but focusing on Romances! the Bookmark Purple February 5, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E20: Once Upon a Time We're going back to visit a favorite TV show for book ideas! the Bookmark Pink January 29, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5 E19: 2024 Reading challenges Check out our suggested yearlong reading challenges and tons of book suggestions to fit those prompts! The Bookmark Green January 22, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5 E18: Hot reads for cold weather Our hosts discuss hot books coming out soon that we're excited for as well as newish books that are a little (or a lot!) steamy. the bookmark blue January 16, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E17: Local 2023 book picks Library podcast hosts discuss lists of the best books read in Shawnee County in 2023 and their favorite books of the year. the bookmark fitted January 8, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E16: Best books of 2023 Let's review the best books of last year in the Goodreads Best Books of 2023. Our hosts discuss what they read and what they want to read. The Bookmark - Yellow December 11, 2023 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E14: Unboxing more ARCs We're unboxing more Advanced Reader Copies! the Bookmark Pink December 4, 2023 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E13: Unboxing advance reader copies We're talking about books that will be released in the next few months with many to add to your to be read list! the bookmark blue November 27, 2023 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E12: What are you reading? Discover what community members are reading and which books are on our to be read list. the Bookmark Purple November 20, 2023 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E11: The Booker Award What books are on the Booker Award shortlist? What books won previously? Who do we think will win this year? the bookmark fitted November 13, 2023 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E10: What sub-genre should you read next? Our hosts discuss the sub-genres they each should read next and all the sub-genres included in an online quiz. the bookmark blue November 6, 2023 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E9: Cozy fantasy & other fall cozies Cozy fantasies are fluffier, focus on characters' relationships and make you feel like you're reading a hug. The Bookmark Green October 30, 2023 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E8: Moms & houses in horror We wrapping up the spooky season with some chilling books with both scary moms and scary houses. the Bookmark Pink October 23, 2023 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E7: Southern gothic We discuss books with creepy, isolated mansions, long-buried secrets, brooding characters & inexplicable events. the Bookmark Purple October 16, 2023 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E6: Spooky season Explore our recommendations for spooky reads with new and old favorites. The Bookmark - Yellow October 9, 2023 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E5: Genre-blending & bending The Bookmark hosts discuss books that push the boundaries of genres.
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