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The Bookmark S5E32: Bookish Balderdash part 1

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It's the end of the season and Bookish Balderdash is back!  Autumn and Chris are playing with special guests Debbie Stanton and Julie Nelson. Let's review the rules.

Players start with a pile of books none of them has ever read.  The person who is designated the "Dasher" for the round reads a book title and the synopsis. The other players write down their guess for the very first line of the book. The papers get shuffled in with the REAL first line and the Dasher reads all first lines. The players then take turns choosing which first line they think is the real one.

Points are distributed as follows:

  • 1 point for every player whose first line was chosen by another player
  • 2 points for each player who guesses the first line correctly
  • 3 points go to the Dasher if none of the players guess the real first line

At the end of this episode, it seems like everybody is tied. Tune in next week to find out in our season finale who is the Bookish Balderdash champion!

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The next episode of The Bookmark drops May 27, 2024!

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