Great Books for Children II

Compiled by our newest Youth Services staff member, Jason Lamb. Next time you visit the library, make sure to say hi and welcome him to the community.

Black on White and White on Black by Tana Hoban

(ages 0-3) These two companion board books feature simple silhouettes of objects. Read with your baby to get them used to using a book and make up fun names and stories for each object.

When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic

(ages 3-8) Billy wants to be a gorilla masseuse and a tarantula shaver, a chocolate-mouse artist and a pickle inspector. All of these jobs and more Billy tells us during show-and-tell. But his most favorite future job just might be a surprise!

Smash! Crash! by Jon Scieszka

(ages 5-7) Jack Truck and Dump Truck Dan want to smash and crash! Follow along as they help their other truck buddies with their jobs all the while getting in plenty of smashing and crashing.

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa by Erica Silverman

(ages 6-9) Every cowgirl needs a sidekick. Cocoa the horse fits the bill, and he and Kate do all kinds of work and fun stuff around the ranch. This is the first in a series.

The Ocean of Osyria by Scott Lobdell (from the Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers graphic novel series)

(ages 7-12) A classic re-imagined. Join the Hardy Boys in a new series of adventures – this time in the full color and excitement of a graphic novel. To protect their friend, the Boys must find a priceless treasure and return it to its rightful owner.

Swindle by Gordon Korman

(ages 9-12) This winner of the 2010-11 William Allen White Award for 3rd to 5th grade stars the Man with the Plan, Griffin Bing. After Griffin is swindled out of a valuable baseball card he found, Griffin and his friends — and an enemy – join forces to get it back.

Cool Jobs for Yard-Working Kids: Ways to Make Money Doing Yard Work by Pam Scheunemann

(ages 9-12) Show you’re hard working by working hard in the yard. And make some money too! This how-to gives great ways to get a lawn job. You also learn about money and ways you can spend, save, invest, or donate it.

Years of Dust by Albert Marrin

(ages 9-14) Many years of bad practices in ranching and farming, combined with a decade-long draught, created one of the worst ecological disasters in American history: the Dust Bowl. Learn why and how the calamity started and its effects on America’s land and people.

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

(ages 9-14) Sixth-grader Miranda is losing her best friend, making new friends, dealing with the crazy man on her New York City corner, and helping her mom play on TV’s $20,000 Pyramid. Throw in a mysterious boy at school and some time travel, and Miranda has her hands full.

Bronzeville Boys and Girls by Gwendolyn Brooks

(ages 9-14) Pulitzer-prize-winner Brooks takes a look back at her childhood in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago. Her verse is heartfelt and fun. Regardless of where your neighborhood is, you’ll find things in common with the kids in this book.

The Story of the Kansas City Royals by Sara Gilbert

(ages 9-14) Nothing says summer like baseball. Learn about your favorite team, the Royals. Everything is covered, from its beginnings to its most famous players to it stadiums. After reading this book, get out and play ball!

Diego: Bigger than Life by Carmen T. Bernier-Grand

(ages 9-14) Diego Rivera was one of the most famous artists in the 20th Century. Each part of his life is documented with verse and colorful illustrations. Learn his background, how he made his art and what his inspirations were.

ReMake It! Recycling Projects from the Stuff You Usually Scrap by Tiffany Threadgould

(ages 9-18) Don’t throw away the garbage, use it! You can make everything from jewelry to soap dishes to picture frames to games. Simple instructions and illustrations walk you through it. Be stylish and help the environment.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

(young adult) Mary lives in the last village not infected by The Return, which turns people into zombies. A fence keeps the zombies out, but Mary’s curiosity about the world strains to get out as she tries to discover how the village came to be and whether other people exist outside. This is the first in a trilogy.

Like what you see? Want to read more of it? Good thing we have more children’s book recommendations.

This list originally appeared in the summer edition of xyz magazine. Pick up your copy at the library while supplies last.

Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.

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