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new books April 5, 2024 · Ginger Park Fiction Five: Hilarious new reads From pop culture satire to madcap adventures, find laughter, wit and fun in April's new books. Fiction 5 March 5, 2024 · Ginger Park Fiction Five: Courageous women Discover five new historical fiction novels featuring courageous, indomitable women. Fiction 5 February 6, 2024 · Julie Nelson Fiction Five: Fun new romance Discover the top five new contemporary romance books with robust characters and lots of humor. Fiction 5 December 5, 2023 · Ginger Park Fiction 5: Eclectic mix of new books There's a nice variety in our top picks of December's new fiction – adventure, humor, romance and mystery. Fiction 5 October 31, 2023 · Jennifer Jones Fiction 5: Fascinating new reads You'll find thrills, humor, romance and drama in Jennifer's picks for November's best new fiction. Fiction 5 October 5, 2023 · Jennifer Jones Fiction 5: New mysterious & chilling reads You'll find monsters, magic, mysteries and murder in October's top five new books. Fiction 5 September 5, 2023 · Jennifer Jones Fiction 5: Explore an assortment of great reads Jennifer's top five new fiction is a variety pack of genres – historical fiction, magical realism, heartwarming and thriller. Fiction 5 August 4, 2023 · Jennifer Jones Five hot new books for August When it is too hot to be outside curl up with captivating new fiction. Fiction 5 July 6, 2023 · Jennifer Jones Fiction Five: Intriguing new reads Best new books explore human connections. These top reads are insightful, charming, humorous and a little scary. Fiction 5 June 5, 2023 · Jennifer Jones Fiction Five: Drama with a side of humor Jennifer recommends enthralling new reads for June. Four focus on drama and the fifth is full of sci-fi humor. Fiction 5 May 5, 2023 · Jennifer Jones Fiction Five: Compelling relationships Jennifer recommends 5 new books with mystery, romance, thrills, wicked fun and secrets. Fiction 5 April 5, 2023 · Jennifer Jones Fiction 5: Engaging new historical fiction Explore riveting new fiction that ranges from the High Plains in early 1900s to France in 1951 to Boston in 1974. Fiction 5 March 6, 2023 · Jennifer Jones Riveting mysteries & realistic romances Jennifer's recommends March new fiction you'll want to add to your hold list right now. Fiction 5 February 6, 2023 · Jennifer Jones New fictional life-changing journeys Jennifer's top picks for Feb new books are powerful & consuming, full of life-changing journeys.
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