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The Bookmark S4E29: Once Upon a Time (Part 2)

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If you missed the last episode, you might want to go back and listen because this is "fanfare" Part 2 of our Once Upon a Time tribute. In this episode we continue to take on the roles of the Witch, (who we now know is named "Kerfumbly"), Marian and Onesie-Twosie to supply additional books for your reading list.  Each host plays the Witch and will supply Onesie-Twosie with their bookly desires. Then, with a little bit of sound effect magic, our other hosts will supply titles to match that description. Will we finally get out of Kerfumbly's dungeon?


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What’s Next?

The next episode of The Bookmark drops April 17, 2023!

Meet your Hosts

Autumn Friedli, Chris Blocker and Miranda Ericsson relish talking books with recurring readers and special guests from the library and community in The Bookmark.

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