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The Bookmark S4E28: Once Upon a Time (Part 1)

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Growing up, Autumn had a favorite show that was so good, she "may have allegedly" gotten out of school early on certain days to be able to watch it. Brought to you by PBS based out of Nebraska, Once Upon a Time isn't that show you're thinking with fairy tale characters set in Maine. No, this Once Upon a Time featured an evil witch who loved books/stories so much, she kidnapped Marian the Librarian and secreted her away to a dungeon she could only escape if she told a good enough story.  Thankfully, Marian was helped by a lovable machine called Onesie-Twosie. If Marian put in the themes the Witch requested, Onesie-Twosie would pop out a book Marian could read to the Witch.

This brings us to the present where we've decided to take on the roles of the Witch, Marian and Onesie-Twosie to supply a reading list of epic proportions. Each host plays the Witch and will supply Onesie-Twosie with their bookly desires. Then, with a little bit of sound effect magic, our other hosts will supply titles that fit that description. We had so much fun, this is only the first episode of this game. Tune in next time to see if our hosts ever escape the dungeon!


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What’s Next?

The next episode of The Bookmark drops April 10, 2023!

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Autumn Friedli, Chris Blocker and Miranda Ericsson relish talking books with recurring readers and special guests from the library and community in The Bookmark.

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