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Image of colorful wool and mohair yarn collection. Image of colorful wool and mohair yarn collection.

Hook Up With Knitters

We knit for fun, to calm our nerves, to stave off boredom and to make gifts for our loved ones or for charity. We get together and knit for community. I recently heard about medknitation mindful knitting as a way of meditation. There are so many reasons to knit.

Image of colorful wool and mohair yarn collection.I’m kind of an on again off again knitter. I learned how to knit around 10 years ago from a coworker (thanks Lissa!). I’ve had something on the needles – many things actually – ever since. When it’s cold out I get inspired and start a hat. Then it gets warm out and I put it aside because I only want to knit cotton dishcloths, my go-to stress reliever. When winter comes around I will finish the hat – probably. Or maybe I’ll finish that other sock. I knit because some yarn is so pretty, bright and colorful that I just want to look at it for a long time. I'll  figure out what to do with it later.
Yellow ball of wool with knitting needles on white background.I’ve kept some and gifted some of my knitted pieces, especially to my sister. She always appreciates it no matter how many dishcloths I give her. I’ve taught my kids how to knit. It was awesome to watch my 6-year-old cast on about a thousand stitches. She was such a pro! This year she gave me a hand knitted scarf for Christmas. When I thought my teenager wasn’t paying any attention to anything, he asked me to quit using wooden needles because he missed the sound the others made.

Community Knitting

You can knit just about anywhere. I’ve sat and knitted with my friends, my kids, coworkers and strangers. I’ve knitted in waiting rooms, at recitals, football games and in front of the TV.

Knit with us at the library on Sat, June 8 for National Knit in Public Day in the Marvin Auditorium AB from noon - 4pm.  Bring your current unfinished object, your show and tell, and your skills. New to knitting? Come on over and bring your curiosity. Knitters are always happy to share what we know. We’ll have you knitting in no time. We will have yarn and knitting needles to help get you started. Crochet and other needle crafts are welcome as well.


In addition to all the great books on knitting you can checkout at the library. You can also check out knitting arts and crafts kits to get started and see if this is a hobby you like. We have kits to help you learn to knitlearn to spool knit, learn knitting in a round and learn to loom knit. Peruse all the arts and craft kits, there might be other art projects you want to try.

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