2018 – Fresh Perspectives on Graphic Arts

Heather Muise, Sacred Ground

View the work of highly skilled print artists from across the country Sept 7 – Oct 21 in the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery. The Printed Image 7 is a national competition that showcases new artworks. Printmaking is the process of making original artworks by hand-pulled print techniques including intaglio, relief, serigraph, lithograph, photogravure, collagraph, monoprint and monotype, and broadsides.

The art in the exhibit is selected by an artist who excels in printmaking techniques. The competition is held every two years and each time a different juror selects and judges the prints for the exhibit based on their expertise and perspective. More than 100 artists from 36 states submitted 284 entries in this year’s competition and 50 artworks were selected. 

“We’re always surprised and excited about the art selected and the ideas and techniques these artists are using,” said Sherry Best, collections curator.

This year our juror is Melanie Yazzie, a printmaker, painter and sculptor whose work has been exhibited in more than 100 places in the U.S. and internationally. Yazzie is currently a printmaking professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

“My artwork is culturally based in my heritage of being a Diné (Navajo) person,” said Yazzie. “The artworks stem from the thought and belief that what we create must have beauty and harmony from within ourselves, from above, below, in front, behind and from our core. We are taught to seek out beauty and create it with our thoughts and prayers. I feel that when I am making my art, I begin by centering myself and thinking it all out in a ‘good way,’ which is how I was taught from an early age. My work speaks about travel and transformation.”

The Friends of the Library provides cash prizes and purchases awards.

Award Winners are:

Veronica Ceci, Learning Curve, Juror’s Award: 1st Place
Marco Hernandez, El Pajarero y los Cuervos, Juror’s Award: 2nd Place
Sarah Fukami, 09657A (Hirosawa Frank), Juror’s Award: 3rd Place
Elizabeth Klimek, Standing Rock 2, Friends of the Library Purchase Award

Selected Artists

Brett Anderson | Ben Bohnsack | Linda Lee Boyd | Keith Buswell | Karen Brussat Butler | Ruben Castillo | Veronica Ceci | Kyle Chaput | Andrew DeCaen | Joan Dix Blair | James Dormer | Beth Dorsey | Matthew Egan | James Ehlers | Leslie Eliet | Eduardo Fausti | Brian Ferriby | Sarah Fukami | Kari Gillman | Theresa Haberkorn | Heather Hanson | Marco Hernandez | Joyce Jewell | Sarojini Jha Johnson | Tressa Jones | Elizabeth Klimek | Leslie Koptcho | Lynda Kusuma | Theresa Martin | Tonia Matthews | Katheryn Maxwell | Kyra Miller | Kate Mitchell | Heather Muise | Kristin Powers Nowlin | Nathan Pietrykowski | Tyler Quintin | Roberta Restaino | Benjamin Rinehart | Gregory Santos | Teresa Schmidt | Melissa Schulenberg | Sarah Serio | Caroline Sheridan Loose | Emily Short | Mark Sisson | Sarah Smelser |  Jillian Sokso | Robyn Wall | Kristen Woodward

Programs and Events

Artists’ and Awards Reception, Printed Image 7
Sun, Sept 9, 2018 | 2-4pm
Alice C. Sabatini Gallery
Meet some of the artists whose art prints are on display and see the presentation of Juror’s and Purchase Awards from The Printed Image 7 art competition. Starting at 2pm Master Engraver, James Ehlers will discuss his work and techniques. Awards will be announced at 3pm.

Screen Printing Demonstration
Wed, Sept 19, 2018 | 7-8pm
Alice C. Sabatini Gallery
Experience the possibilities of screen printing on fabric and paper.

Monoprinting on Fabric Demonstration
Sat, Oct 6, 2018 | 12:30-1:30pm
Alice C. Sabatini Gallery
Experience a hands-on demonstration to layer printed designs on fabric using hand-made stamps.

Relief Printing Demonstration
Wed, Oct 17, 2018 | 7-8pm
Alice C. Sabatini Gallery
Watch linoleum block printing from plain block to finished print. See examples of finished relief plates and pick a print to take home.

Sherry Best

Our library has a very cool art collection, and I get to be in charge of it. I started drawing when I was 4 years old, and never stopped making art. I want to do more than show you art, I want to help you understand it, relate to it, and 'get' it. Art lets us share what it is to be human.