AlBo Glass celebrates 25 years with exhibit


Photos Courtesy of Doug Sheafor

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Come experience the wonder of The Sheafor family’s blown glass collection. The Sheafor family celebrates 25 years of glassblowing together with an exhibit at the Alice C. Sabatini Art Gallery June 29 – Aug 23.


AlBo Glass was created through the collective effort of tIMG_5902he Sheafor family back in 1990. Their goal has continued to be to produce beautifully designed, practical and affordable pieces for their customers to enjoy. They create pieces ranging from large sculptures to tiny paperweights and dragon tears with a traditional glassblowing technique.



Glass007swag1Doug and Bo Sheafor and their children, Bram, Nathan and Alison, are among a small list of families who can still appreciate coming together over a pot of molten crystal. Through their hard work and continued study of glassblowing, the family has expanded their list of products to include elaborate orbs, decorative bowls and unique dinnerware. Their exhibit will feature pieces as small as ring holders and miniature pumpkins to large hanging pieces and hand blown bowls.



A planet created by Doug Sheafor for the Solar System located near the Homework Center at The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library.


Doug Sheafor was responsible for the creation of the glass blown solar system that can be seen near the Homework Center. The space was designed to help spark children’s interest in science and took nearly 3 months to prepare. Sheafor is pleased in knowing that his work will help promote learning here at the library.



Through the years, the Sheafors have kept the family business flourishing by continuing the art of glassblowing. Following the unexpected death of Bo Sheafor in 2006, Doug has carried on AlBo Glass with the help of his associates Laura Engelhardt, Joyce Knott and Jen Oliver in memory of his wife.

To learn more visit Alice C. Sabatini Gallery or check out the AlBo Glass website.

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