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OUR MISSION: Your connection to the Arts: inspiring curiosity, developing visual literacy, and building our community.


The Sabatini Art Gallery is located a short distance from the library entrance, just to the right of the rotunda. Exhibits, programs and events are free, casual and open to the public. Hours are the same as the Library, except when closed for change of exhibition.

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Wood-Fired: Ceramic Selections from the Library’s Permanent Collection

wood-fired ceramic art

So many forms, colors, textures, and techniques for you to enjoy from some of the biggest names in the ceramics world.

Clay is a material that needs to be heated in a kiln to become ceramic. The greater the heat, the harder and more durable the vessel becomes. There are many different type of kilns in use today. Ceramics produced in these kilns have a very unique look and feel, which you’ll learn about from this diverse display.

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LEFT TO RIGHT: Aaron Coleman (DeKalb, IL), The Vulture Eats Between Its Meals (2013), lithograph; Gordon Sherman (Hays, KS), Can’t Draw (2012), intaglio, digital, relief; Jon Goebel (Hilo, HI), Atropos (2014), etching, aquatint, archival digital printing.

April 18 – June 8, 2014 | Main Gallery

2014 is the Year of Art and Science at the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery. This time, we’re looking at Psychology and Art, and how visual imagery can affect our moods and emotions on an immediate surface level. However, those opinions can often change once we understand the backstory behind the work and artist’s intent. Sometimes it isn’t at all what we originally perceived.