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Mission, Values, Needs & Interests


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Mission and Values

Our Mission

Sparking curiosity and connecting our community through literacy and learning.


Our Values


We create experiences that anticipate our community’s diverse needs and exceed expectations.


staff selfieWe are hungry to learn, create and innovate. We inspire our community to do the same.


We help people make their lives better by providing the tools to successfully navigate the world.


We welcome everyone in the community. We support and defend our customers’ right to access information without judgment.


We build stronger communities through mutual trust, collaboration and shared goals.


We serve the needs of the entire community by using resources responsibly, fairly and transparently.


Community Needs & Interests

strategic plan elementsConnection

The library will support the diverse needs and interests of the community with services and resources that foster a sense of belonging and collaboration.


The library will provide welcoming and inviting physical and digital spaces in which people have easy access to learning, connections and joy.


The library is committed to offering equitable learning and development opportunities to meet the goals and needs of diverse learners.


The library is committed to providing a variety of programs and services that enrich our community and spark wonder in residents across the county.


The library will create a work environment where our staff and volunteers are valued, respected and empowered to contribute their best.



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