Understanding Your Child’s Developmental Milestones

Every parent worries about their child. Is my toddler too shy? Is my preschooler overactive? But, what does it mean if your child isn’t meeting normal developmental milestones?

group of toddlers playing together with toys

Developmental milestones are behaviors or skills that are observed in children as they grow and develop. The actual age when a typically developing child reaches the milestone can vary; however, each skill (or milestone) has a specific age level. Children reach milestones in how they learn, play, act, speak and move. Rolling over, waving and talking are all examples of developmental milestones.

Your child’s development is more than his height and weight. At your child’s well-child visit, you will complete a questionnaire related to your child’s development. In addition, the provider will observe and visit with you about your child’s development. Be sure to share any concerns you may have.

Developmental milestones can be used as a guide to help your medical provider identify a child who may have a developmental concern or be at risk for developmental delay. While all children develop at their own pace, growth tends to follow a certain sequence and every child should do certain tasks by a certain age. Acting early can make a real difference for your child. Early intervention is the services and support that help young children with a developmental delay. These services help young children improve their skills and learn new ones. Services are based on the needs of the child but may include speech therapy and physical therapy. Early intervention can have a tremendous impact on a child’s ability to learn new skills and will increase their success in school and everyday life.

Early childhood is a time of incredible growth and learning. Each child develops at a different rate and every child is unique.

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