Tips for bonding with your grandchildren

With National Grandparents Day right around the corner – Sun, Sept 12, 2021, I want to talk about the importance of grandparents and share some tips to help grandparents connect with their grandchildren.

Why grandparents are important

For many people there is an incomparable connection between grandparents and a grandchildren. A grandparent is a loving and caring adult who is a constant in their grandchild’s life. In many cases they are in a different role than a parent who sets limits, rules and consequences. Although in many homes a grandparent is also filling the role of parent.

Research shows many grandchildren (as adults) report a grandparent influenced or impacted their values and beliefs. A grandparent is often a role model for treating others with compassion, kindness, respect and love. In tough times, a grandparent is a listening ear, a voice of experience and a source of security.

Grandparents can share wisdom of life experiences, family history and cultural heritage. They often hold the title of storyteller, elder and mentor. Many grandparents also play a vital and necessary role in providing childcare. A grandparent is the perfect companion to play, discover and create with.

Building a connection with your grandchildren

There are about 1 billion grandparents in the world today, but the experience of being a grandparent is unique for everyone. Here are some tips to build a connection with your grandchild:

  • grandma grandson playing soccerVisit often and make sleepovers a regular activity if you live nearby.
  • Use technology to stay in touch.
  • Be silly.
  • Give your grandchild your undivided attention. If you have multiple grandchildren, try to set aside a little one-on-one time with each of them.
  • Display pictures of your grandchild (or of your adventures together).
  • Record of a favorite story.
  • Teach your grandchild how to make your “famous chocolate chip cookies” or other family recipe.
  • Display your grandchild’s artwork.
  • Send a card just because. Kids love to get mail!
  • Share a hobby.

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