Finish Summer Reading: No Superpowers Required

So way back in May you and your kids signed up for summer reading, vowing that this would be the summer you read every day for 20 minutes.  Piece of cake, right?  And then life happened.  And now you have 6, 8, maybe 10 or more hours to go and about a week left to do it.  It might take a semi-heroic effort, but you can do it!

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Here’s the game plan (choose any or all options to soar to the 12-hour goal):

1.  Come to Readapalooza or Stories & Crafts on Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am.  Reading time completed:  30 minutes at each event.

2.  Do storytime at home with DIY Digital Storytime.  We have 16 different storytimes all planned out for you.  All you need is a library card and an Internet connection.  Do two or three each day, and when you finish all 16, you’ll score more that 6 hours of reading time!

3.  Check out an audiobook that you can listen to together.  The great thing about audiobooks is that you can fold laundry, drive, or draw while you listen.  Check out the bookshelf below for some favorites.  No time to visit the library?  Hoopla, Overdrive, and OneClickDigital all have tons of audiobooks just waiting for you to download instantly.

4.  Still need more time?  Host a reading marathon.  With fun books to read, yummy snacks, and maybe a blanket fort, see who can read the longest.  If your kids are old enough, maybe you can even grant them the privilege of staying up all night!

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Now that you’ve made a heroic effort to get to the 12-hour summer reading goal, be sure to log your time no later than August 2.  And here’s a fist bump from me to you for making it happen.


Natalie is a Kids Librarian with a background in teaching. She delights in spreading bookjoy to people of all ages. She also takes interest in cycling, creating art, social justice, raising small livestock, and making music.