Find Artful Inspiration with Your Preschooler

On a recent walk in my neighborhood, I came upon a colorful sidewalk. I saw squiggles, rays of sunshine and happy faces. There was even a game of tic-tac-toe! I fell in love. It made me remember those simple days playing outside with my son. It seemed like we could spend the entire day outside. We’d kick a soccer ball, make mud pies and decorate the back patio with chalk.

preschool boy paintingWhile research supports that art experiences are important for young children, I wasn’t thinking about improving my son’s fine motor skills or his creativity or even his eye-hand coordination. I was just thinking about how he was going to discover how purple is created by mixing red and blue together. Or how even a pinecone can become a mock paintbrush. Art is quite simply the best. The result adorned all sides of my refrigerator. The time was filled with conversation, laughter and fun. The memory of those simple summer days = priceless.

If you’re looking for some artful inspiration, consider one of the books below. Also check out our gallery’s Summer Art Exhibit for Kids – Story Worlds. This exhibit is full of project ideas and it’s all online! Creativebug is another fabulous resource for art inspiration.

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