Curiosity Club: Stories of the Americas

Let’s talk about the myths, stories and legends of the original peoples of the Americas. This is a ginormous category and there’s no way we could explore it all together. Instead, we will focus on how corn – one of the most important foods to many groups in the Americas – appeared in myths, legends and folktales.

Pony Bead Corn Cobs

This week we’ll make pony bead corn cobs. Gather the supplies below and then watch the video above for directions on on making your cobs.


If you were not able to pick up a craft kit at the Monday Market, that’s okay. You might have these things at home already.

  • Pipe Cleaners – 4 for one cob. Make it your way and choose whatever colors you want or already have!
  • Lots of pony beads! – 80 is how many I used.  The colors I chose were yellow, orange, red and white, but your corn can be whatever colors you want it to be.

More Fun

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