Crazy Cryptids!

Animals are a favorite subject for stories. Zoology is the study of animals. More specifically it’s the study of animals that have been confirmed by science – animals that have been captured, studied and verified as real.

What about animals that fall between the realm of real and imaginary? These are animals that many people claim truly exist, but they haven’t been captured and confirmed. We call those animals cryptids. Let’s learn about cryptids and use our creativity to imagine new creatures.

Make a Crazy Cryptid Flip Book

If you weren’t able to pick up a pre-printed flip book from the Monday Market, that’s okay you can print a template.

Once you’ve printed and assembled your book, draw and color a crazy cryptid on each page. Once your drawings are done use scissors (as for a parent’s help or permission) to cut the two horizontal lines on each page. Flip the sections back and forth to create a variety of cryptids and ask yourself what you would name that creature, or ponder what it might eat or where it lives.

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Michelle is a fifth-generation Kansan who has a passion for history, radical home-making and science fiction. When not on one of TSCPL's bookmobiles she can be found educating students at surrounding schools with dynamic programming.