Build kids literacy through listening

Most of us can identify a teacher or maybe a librarian who could read a book out loud and make it come alive. For me it was my sixth-grade teacher. I could have spent the entire day thoroughly captivated by her reading of a book. There is something calming and comforting about listening to a book.

For many adults reading or listening to a story is our favorite hobby or form of recreation. We listen to podcasts and audiobooks while exercising, driving or doing chores. For children, listening to a book further instills the value and importance of reading. It increases key pre-literacy skills like vocabulary, pronunciation, language comprehension and word recognition. Listening to a book can also motivate children to become readers as it sparks a love of books. Finally, listening to a book enhances a child’s emotional well-being and builds their imagination.

We have a variety of options for young children and their families to listen to stories. Call-A-Story provides a recorded story that available any day and anytime. Just dial (785) 580-4663. A story is available in English and Spanish. The story changes every week.

You can check out digital audiobooks anytime through Hoopla and Libby. Of course we also have in-person storytimes and Building a Reader events at the library that include stories.

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As the Early Childhood Learning Coordinator, Sherry is focused on engaging young children and their families in play-based early learning experiences. The Learn & Play Bus and its service are at the heart of her work. Sherry has a background in early childhood education.