Book Bundles combine hand-selected titles in a convenient package!

A new display of books is meant for busy parents as they are rushing past the picture book shelves in pursuit of their child, who is probably dashing back to the aquarium and Lego table.

Just reach out and snag a bundle of picture books for your family – all chosen with care by an experienced children’s librarian around a central theme and even tied up with a cute ribbon!

Last week, I grabbed a book bundle with a “community helper” tag for my three year old daughter. It contained four books on firefighters, police cars and doctors, and she LOVES them. We have read ABC Doctor by Liz Murphy every night for a week! Since my daughter had been consistently only asking for books about alligators and snow for a number of weeks, so this is also a nice change of pace for the rest of the family too!

I tracked down Kathy Ellison, the librarian who is piloting this new project, to ask her what she includes in the bundles.

“Each bundle has four or five books around a topic or theme,” Ellison explained. “I put in picture books mainly, but I also add a non fiction book if there is a good fit, like with dinosaurs. And I include fairytales or readalongs if they fit the theme. I try to pull good books from different areas to introduce readers to other collections in the library that they may not have noticed.”

Book Bundles are a convenient and fun way to try some new books with your family. Other current themes include farm animals, good night sleep tight, make believe, oldies but goodies, pets, and best books.

Customers can still check out the individual titles in the Book Bundle, or choose to only take a few of the titles in the bundle home, but the general idea is to make selection easier on busy customers who want to choose great books for their family!

Lissa Staley helps people use the library. She is a Book Evangelist, Trivia Emcee, Classics Made Modern book discussion leader, NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison, and frequent library customer. She loves her kids, being a librarian, living in Topeka, and helping people form connections and community. (She's the Community Connections Librarian!) She reads a new book every few days, but is enjoying the audiobook of "Empress of Forever" by Max Gladstone, the ebook "When We Were Magic" by Sarah Gailey and is eagerly awaiting John Scalzi's "The Last Emperox" in April!