Biting Plants!

Plants are super important to other forms of life, providing oxygen and food. However, there are some carnivorous plants that have turned the usual order around, and eat animals for food. That sounds weird, maybe even scary, but my assistant and I shed light on this unusual subject. We’ll show you what carnivorous plants look like, including a pitcher plant and venus flytraps. We’ll also explain how they trap little creatures and discuss if they pose a danger to humans.

The video also includes instructs for a craft activity: making a flytrap from a couple pieces of construction paper. Googly eyes are optional, but they can make a flytrap extra creepy-looking!

This video is an adaptation of a Kansas Connections program that has been presented to many second and third grade classrooms in Shawnee County.

Cale Herreman

I am a father, a writer and a former teacher. As a Bookmobile Associate, I get to combine my two favorite things: driving and reading! (Not at the same time.) I also enjoy walking my dogs, singing and I wouldn’t say no to a cookie, if you’re offering.