Being Daddy – Not So Lucky Charms

Much of my blog has been dedicated to events that have happened after the birth of my daughter. However, I’m feeling the need to write a post dedicated to “The Lucky Charms Incident”, as it has been called in my house.

This goes back to the second month of my wife’s pregnancy. I had gone grocery shopping the weekend before and when looking at the list saw that my wife had written down Mallow Oats, which is the generic form of Lucky Charms. She had been getting these for awhile, and so it was not surprising for me to see them on the list. Well, when I got to the cereal aisle, I saw the Lucky Charms were on sale – for less than what the Mallow Oats cost. What luck!  I figured I’ll get her the real thing, and won’t she be pleased when she sees that she won’t have to have the generic cereal this week.


Monday morning I was just about to leave for work when she confronted me with the Lucky Charms box, desperately asking me why I got those and not the Mallow Oats. I informed her that they were on sale. When she told me that they didn’t taste the same, I told her that was tough, and then left for work.

Now before you curse me, I seriously thought she was just being playfully mad, because that’s something my non-pregnant wife would do in a heartbeat. I was not yet accustomed to the pregnant wife who had hormones raging. I went to work that day, blissfully ignorant that anything was wrong, thinking it was all in good fun. My wife, on the other hand, stayed home and cried in bed for two hours because I had been mean to her and forced her to eat Lucky Charms.

If you think this is funny, you should hear about the time, in my wife’s seventh month, that I bought bananas that weren’t ripe enough, and Wavy Lays instead of regular Lays. Needless to say, my wife did more crying, and I took another trip to the store.

So, to all the husbands out there, the moral of the story is to beware of the changes going on with your wife during her pregnancy. And be sure to always get specific instructions and follow them to the letter.

Especially when you’re going to the grocery store.


Here are some books from our collection that will help guide a prospective father through the pregnancy months:

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4 thoughts on “Being Daddy – Not So Lucky Charms

  1. Oh, Nate…I cried once because the pretzel place ran out of cinnamon sugar pretzels. My husband, much to my chagrin, suggested a regular pretzel with cheese. Really? Is that what I asked for? Yes, I will admit that I was once a little crazy when pregnant myself. Now, if you ask my husband he would say it never went away but that’s a post for another time. Glad to see you learned even if it was a little slow.

  2. In my defense on the Lays potato chips, my wife eats practically no other chips but Wavy Lays, and actually doesn’t like regular Lays. So when I got her Wavy Lays instead of regular Lays, that didn’t seem like anything that would be an issue. Oops.

  3. I have been married for over 14 years now and learned quickly to buy exactly what was written on the list. I have saved myself a lot of grief over the years. Love your posts, keep up the great work.

  4. Great! I can barely follow instruction as it is. When I reach this point I’m sure I will constantly be in trouble!

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