Being Daddy – I Don’t Like Peas

I’ve heard of some babies being really picky about what they like and don’t like to eat. For the most part, my daughter hasn’t been like that. She’s generally happy eating her green beans, bananas, squash, carrots, pears, pineapple, plums, sweet potatoes, etc.

But don’t try feeding her peas.

Since she had been so amenable to just about any food, I had no qualms about feeding her peas. In fact, I just assumed she would like them, seeing as they are my favorite vegetable. Surely, if she enjoyed all of these other fruits and vegetables, she would enjoy peas as well.

At the first spoonful, she gave me an incredulous look. I didn’t think too much of it because she often gives a strange look when you feed her something for the first time. Once she has a few spoonfuls she eventually gets into it. This time, things didn’t get better, however, they got worse. The next spoonful elicited an even more horrified look than the first. And when I gave her a third spoonful, not really believing that she could dislike peas, she actually leaned forward, stuck her tongue out, and tried to let the peas fall out of her mouth. After cracking up at her reaction, I finally realized that she was not a fan of peas, and stopped her torture. This didn’t stop me from trying again a couple of months later, however.

I know, I’m mean. My wife tells me that all the time.

Anyway, I thought surely that was a fluke. Surely she had tried so many other things and been exposed to so many other flavors, that peas would be alright now.

Well, the first spoonful brought about the disgusted look, the second the horrified look and the third caused her to stick her tongue out and physically begin scraping the peas off of her tongue with her hand while gagging.

Yes, she really doesn’t like peas.

No, I haven’t tried again.


Here is a book from our collection that discusses ways to get your little one to eat:

Just Two More Bites: Helping Picky Eaters Say Yes to Food by Linda D. Piette


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