Being Daddy – Finding the Wrong Thing

Anyone who is a parent should watch Bill Cosby’s stand-up routine, “Bill Cosby, Himself”. I had seen it many times even before I was a parent, and found it so funny it often would bring tears of laughter to my eyes. This is because, even if you’re not a parent, you can still relate to many of the stories he tells about raising kids, just from having been a child in a family.

But now that I’m a parent, parts of his routine have a whole new meaning. I’m specifically thinking of the part where he talks about a child’s ability to see through a grown person’s body, look across the room, and find the wrong thing. Now in his routine, he’s talking about a two year old who wants a cookie. But in my case, I’m talking about a little baby who has dozens of toys spread around her, but somehow wants the thing on the other side of the room that she shouldn’t be playing with.

It’s amazing how she sees the tub of wipes and has to get to it. The same can be said for the tube of diaper rash cream.  And don’t even get me started on remotes. I have to keep them specifically stored in a spot that she physically can’t see. Because if she does, it’s all over. There’s no keeping that baby from getting to the remote, pushing all the buttons, and putting it in her mouth. And if you don’t let her, it’s time to throw a fit. I have to stealthily change channels, or look at the program guide, quickly, while her attention is focused elsewhere.  We finally took the batteries out of one of our old remotes and gave it to her to play with, but of course that isn’t as fun as the one that’s being used by Mommy and Daddy.

She’s also starting to have a real affinity for phones. Whenever you’re talking on the phone, she thinks she should be as well. My wife got her a toy phone that makes all kinds of fun sounds, but somehow that’s not as interesting as the real thing an adult is actually trying to use. Maybe she’s learned that someone on the real phone might actually be talking to you. Or maybe she likes pushing the buttons on the real phone more. Or maybe the real one just tastes better. All I know is that it’s become difficult to have a phone conversation when she’s in the same room.

Who knew common household items could be so fun?

Or so tasty?

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  1. Invariably, my granddaughter would have the most fun by playing with the large box a gift came in, rather than the gift itself. Welcome to parenthood, Nate. Enjoy the ride.

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