Being Daddy – Bedtime Stories

I always had a general idea as to what it would be like to read a bedtime story to my daughter. I figured she would be sitting in my lap, and I would hold the book so she could see it while she was smiling and squealing with delight at the pictures and the story Daddy was reading to her.

Reality is a little bit different.

Yes, she sits in my lap. And yes, I hold the book in front of her so that she can see the pictures. But rather than sitting back and enjoying the pictures and the story, she’s constantly trying to grab the book and put it in her mouth. And if I attempt to just read the book to her without allowing this to happen she gets mad and cries.


So, I’ve resorted to reading a page, letting her eat the book for a few seconds, then reading another page, and handing it back to her to suck on, and so on and so on. By the end, we have a really slimy book that has only been looked at by Dad. And a baby that’s getting grumpy because she’s tired and I’m not letting her have her way.

But that’s okay. It’s helped to get her into a little routine which is supposed to help her sleep better through the night (still waiting for this to happen), and I usually get a good laugh at her desperation to gum the book. Plus I really enjoy our little time together before she goes to bed.

So to any new Dads out there, be sure to take advantage of, and enjoy times like this with your baby. I know those are moments I will never forget.

Here are some books I’ve enjoyed reading to my daughter before bedtime:

Goodnight Moon – by Margaret Wise Brown

How Do You Sleep? – by Louise Bonnett-Rampersaud

I’ll See You in the Morning – by Mike Jolley

Bedtime Kiss For Little Fish – by Lorie Ann Grover


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3 thoughts on “Being Daddy – Bedtime Stories

  1. Don’t worry Nate. You’ll eventually get to the fantasy reading session you envisioned, she just has to get out of the oral stage first! All kidding aside, there is nothing like reading to a child. My granddaughter learned that I could be talked into up to 5 stories before bed when I originally said 3.

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Donna! She’s starting to get a little bit better. Like you said, we just have to get past the putting everything in our mouth stage!

  3. My granddaughter went through that same phase. But just the other day she sat through a whole book without wanting to eat it and actually looked at and seemed to enjoy each page I read to her. So just keep practicing.

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