7 Tips to Boost Your Child’s Learning & Fun Using the Weather

No matter the season, there’s always weather. It is a frequent source of small talk and it connects all of us. The weather affects what we do and what we wear.

boy playing in the rainYoung children experience the weather by playing in a sprinkler, splashing in puddles or bundling up. A child’s natural curiosity about the weather connects to nature, science and math giving kids a start to STEM learning – science, technology, engineering and math.

Weather is the combination of temperature, wind, precipitation, sunlight and clouds. Sunsets and rainbows are also part of the weather. Tracking weather includes tools like a rain gauge, a thermometer and a barometer. Talking about the weather can improve your child’s vocabulary with so many words to describe how it feels outside.

Tips for Boosting Learning Using the Weather

Seek out fun and engaging ways to encourage your child’s interest in the weather (and science and math). Here are some ideas to get started:

  1. Rear view of a father and his two young daughters going for a walk on a paved trail through the wooded park. The three are walking in a row holding hands with each other. Sunlight is coming through the open spaces, so the trail is partially shaded and partially in sunlight.Ask your child questions  – “What does that cloud look like?” “How does the air feel?” “What should we wear to play outside today?”
  2. Talk about all your senses and the weather – “Does the rain feel cold or warm?” “Is there a smell in the air when it rains?”
  3. Encourage your child to make observations – kids can describe the direction of the wind by licking their finger and holding it up in the air or watching the direction a flag is blowing.
  4. Read the weather forecast with your child and talk about how that will affect your plans for today or tomorrow.
  5. Share fun facts about the weather – look them up together online or in a book.
  6. Play outside and talk about what you need depending on the weather – sunscreen, an umbrella, water bottles, etc.
  7. Share your observations of the weather – “I’m cold, I should have worn my jacket.”

Check out these fun books with stories about weather.

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