Visit our Flickr Page

Photos – we love taking photos! Last post, I told you how to subscribe to our Youtube videos. This time, let’s learn how to subscribe to our photographs!

We frequently use Flickr when we teks library-related photos. Flickr is a great photo sharing website. Just like Youtube, there are many ways to follow our photos:

  1. Visit our digital branch, and look for photos.
  2. Visit our Flickr page, and enjoy our photos there.
  3. Set up your own flickr account, and friend us! That way, whenever you log in to your flickr account, our new photos will appear under Your Contacts.
  4. Change your flickr Recent Activity settings to receive an email when your contacts upload new photos. This will alert you to all our photos (ok, and all your other contacts, too).
  5. Subscribe to our Flickr RSS feed. This gets a little geeky, but if you know what RSS is, or if you use an RSS reader like Google Reader, you can subscribe to our flickr feed here.


David Lee King

David Lee King is the Digital Services Director at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, where he plans, implements, and experiments with emerging technology trends.