Red Carpet Services: A Lifeline to Reading

Favorable reviews come free and easy from customers of the library’s Red Carpet Services, which delivers library materials to 38 senior residential communities every two weeks.

“We love Kelli. She has a good mind of what each individual likes and has books ready for that individual when they come in,” said Betty Couch, a resident at The Cottages.

All Red Carpet staff work hard to get to know the customer and advise them on titles that will excite them. Someone in your life may also see the value in this service. To inquire about Red Carpet Services, call 580-4545.

On a recent visit, staff saw Betty do a little shimmy while picking up her books. Who dances for their library books?! Red Carpet customers do – those who still have the moves anyway. Red Carpet is a lifeline to reading for many Topekans, hence the joy they express when their materials arrive.

Helen “Ruth” Peek likes mysteries, historical books and books on geology. “I’m a rock hound. I cut stones. Well, I don’t anymore, but I haven’t lost interest.”

Her interest is kept alive through library books. She can no longer come to the library because a health condition prevents it. She’s thrilled the library comes to her. Carts of books are trucked in to these sites, including titles customers have requested via the online catalog.

“I like to do it myself. You lose so many abilities to do something for yourself as you age,” she said, adding she reads about six books in two weeks with only half her vision.

For readers with vision problems, the library offers thousands of large print books and hundreds of styles of magnifiers to try out. Red Carpet also offers homebound delivery. Call 580-4545 to determine eligibility for library delivery and pickup at your home.

Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.

2 thoughts on “Red Carpet Services: A Lifeline to Reading

  1. What a wonderful service for the readers who truly need it! I had no idea, but will remember this for those who can benefit from it. I’ve lived in 5 different states and can honestly say, this is the best library ever. Thank you!

  2. My mom Betty, pictured in this article, LOVES the Library and the services you provide. And she gets to interact with your staff on Library days and get the latest books too.

    I can’t thank you enough for providing a wonderful service for our senior citizens at The Cottages of Topeka.

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