Making a bad experience better

My library is installing a new library computer system (ILS) next year.  Today was our first meeting with our installation manager and the in-house team.  This is exciting and will be both fun and nerve-wracking!  A topic of conversation was how many days we would be down as we transitioned from one system to another.  It was suggested that some libraries close during this time.  During the two previous installations, we did not close.  While closing could provide a kind of user experience, it is probably not what we will choose.

Our members use the library in so many ways that will not be effected by this process, I can’t see providing them no experience when even reduced services might not impact their use.

I think we will try to be like this construction worker.  We will try to find a way to make a bad situation tolerable.

Show tunes might just be the ticket at the checkout desk!!

What have you done to make a bad situation better?

2 thoughts on “Making a bad experience better

  1. great blog posting! i agree the library should not close during the transition -someone might want to just come in to read a magazine… appropriate signage and a good reference librarian can do the trick. just get out the abridged dewey 🙂

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