Got a Question? Ask a Librarian

How do I renew my library books online? Can you help me build a birdhouse? What is the phone number for that new pizza place? The title I’m looking for is not in your collection. Can you get it for me? Can you help me learn Spanish? Can you help me find recipes for our upcoming family reunion? What other movies has Emma Stone been in besides The Help?

Fire away, answer-seekers!

CALL: 785-580-4400 (put this number in your contacts), TEXT: 785-783-0096, EMAIL: and ONLINE: Click the “Ask Now” button on the right side of this blog post

Our friendly librarians are standing by during library hours. Use our Ask a Librarian Service to find answers to your immediate questions. (It’s like 4-1-1.)

Jalen O’Neil Lowry recommends the service to her friends. She talks about the excellent customer service she received, but is more impressed that librarians find her answers when Internet searches do not.

“My latest question was about receiving email alerts when my books are almost due, but I’ve asked questions ranging from what to buy to what a government official’s salary is,” she said. “‘I’ve always been treated politely and professionally.”

Remember you can always ask us in person at the library, at a Bookmobile or at community events. For more in-depth research questions, schedule a one-on-one with a librarian here.

Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.