Feed Your Brain With Fun

We’ve got a new service to help you play and spark your curiosity!

2 ladies building with colorful straws

Valerie and Hannah are building with some of the creative supplies in the Learning Center.

“At the new Learning Center everyone is invited to have a good time and find something that fascinates them,” said library CEO Gina Millsap. “We call it sneaky learning. Try it.”

Play can help boost productivity and happiness, increase creativity and problem-solving, and build relationships. The great thing about learning through play is you often don’t even realize you’re learning until after the fact.

boy working with screws and woodIn the Learning Center you could be building electric race cars, working on an escape box, learning new technology skills, building a mini roller coaster, learning to repair household items, talking about books, playing board games, building with LEGOs, working on art projects or knitting.

In the last few months we held a few escape box events as warm-ups for the Learning Center activities. Individuals who didn’t know each other came together to break into a locked box (or escape). Throughout the 45 minutes they learned each other’s strengths, collaborated and problem solved. After successfully completing the task, people said they felt a sense of accomplishment and enjoyed meeting new people.

Michael teaches us how to draw a cartoon dog.

The Learning Center will give you 78 hours of play and learning every week. We hope you give yourself permission to play every day, even if it’s not here – you might learn something.