Dark Chocolate Delight

The teen program, Dark Chocolate Delight, featured chocolate in many different ways. There were the Hershey Kiss relay, chocolate taste test, balloon making chocolate bowls and chocolate trivia.

The chocolate tasting booth featured six different types of chocolate from 86% pure chocolate to Hazel Hill’s milk chocolate. Of course, the favorite was the Hazel Hill milk chocolate.


Teri, from Hazel Hill Chocolate, instructed the teens in the fine art of making chocolate bowls. An inflated balloon was dipped into melted chocolate, allowed to harden in the freezer, and was then filled with ice cream and chocolate syrup. Only one small problem. The orange balloons would sometimes explode with the wet chocolate. Maintenance took it all in stride.


The Hershey kiss relay required skill and speed. The contestants had to wear two oven mitts and at the count of three raced to the table and unwrapped a Hershey kiss. Each team of four was timed because prizes were given to the top two teams. The participants were allowed to eat the unwrapped kisses.

After the chocolate bowls were eaten, the relays were run and the test tasting stats were tallied, the teens tested their knowledge of chocolate with a trivia contest. They learned about chocolate history, production and other fun facts.