Bringing the Library to Local Seniors

Through Red Carpet Services, the library offers a unique connection to seniors. We take the library to thousands in the Topeka and Shawnee County community.

We deliver books, movies, music, games and much more to area medical and nursing facilities, independent and assisted living, senior centers, senior apartment facilities and even the residences of homebound.

Service with a smile

Many of these seniors have limited opportunities to get to places like the library, so Red Carpet is the best way for them to get library resources.

“I love Red Carpet because I have no other place to get the books I like,” said Dorothy Dahlstrom. “I can get exactly what I want to read.”

For some, it doesn’t matter what the subject is, they just enjoy reading books and enjoy seeing the staff who deliver to them.

“I have always liked to read,” said Shirley Henson. “I like to read anything, so I’m always glad to have more books. The people are so wonderful.”

Apart from books, customers who use Red Carpet services have a variety of things to choose from, including the latest blockbusters.

“I like to get the movies,” said Charles Eissler. “Sometimes I like to get joke books to keep the other residents happy.”

Delivering books and changing lives

The staff who work in Red Carpet services aren’t just there to deliver books. They help make these Topeka and Shawnee County residents’ lives better.

“Some of these folks have very little contact with others and we are a lifeline to a community they may have lost,” said  James Mosher. “To see the smiles and the eyes lighting up whenever we walk in the door for a delivery is heartwarming. Something special that I am honored to do is to take my harp out on a weekly basis and play for people who are under hospice care.”

“They are part of our lives and we are part of theirs,” Dave Coleman said. “Those of us who work in Red Carpet look forward to our visits, probably as much as our customers look forward to seeing us.”

“Red Carpet Services is something you should experience to truly understand how much it is valued by the population we serve,” said Janet Johnsen.

Just what the customer ordered

Jerry Stever just had his westerns delivered to him.

For customers who use the services frequently, the library staff have a good understanding of their likes and will find books and movies catered to them.

“I look forward to the visit every two weeks,” said Jerry Stever. “I like to read large print books. Megan (Johnson) is very accommodating. I like reading westerns and she brings me good ones.”

“I just love the service and I hope it never ends,” said Dahlstrom. “It’s my world. I read, read, read.”

Washburn University Journalism student Maggie Cabrera is our communications intern for summer 2022.