Tips for Small Gardens

There are many tricks to make a small yard seem larger. Place bold, bright colors in the front to catch attention. The landscape beyond will appear to recede making the yard appear larger.

garden 2

This small back yard has lots of shrubs which blocks out the view beyond. This gives a feeling of coziness. The small scale becomes a small retreat.





garden 3

Use the power of perspective. Long straight lines make a space seem bigger than it is. To create the illusion slant the far end of the lines toward one another. In this picture the split-rail fence inhanced by the rows of shrubs makes the yard seem larger than it is.




garden 4

Break up open areas of a small space so it feels larger. In the picture on the left the bed of roses, annuals, and perennials divides the small back yard. This creates the illusion of a larger yard.




garden 5

Create an interest. The patio made of paving stones makes a distraction. The combination of paving stones draws your eye so that you hardly notice the small landscape..




garden 6

Make a destination. The attraction in the picture on the left is the pergola covered with wisteria. Putting the pergola in the back corner of the yard gives your eye a destination. With the help of the stepping stones the yard feels more spacious.