The end or maybe just the beginning

As you know, fall is upon us and it won’t be long until winter is here. Outdoor gardening is done for me and it is probably a good thing. I was very frustrated this summer with trying to keep all my plants growing in the very hot summer. So now my attention is on my houseplants. But honestly, I am just tired of the same old houseplants that I have had for many years.

So, as I was looking at the new gardening books, one jumped out at me. It is called The Unexpected Houseplant by Tovah Martin. She wrote a book in 2009 called The New Terrarium: Creating new displays for plants and nature. This book really brought back the idea of planting and having terrariums again.

The Unexpected Houseplant, I think, will make you think outside the box about plants that you can use inside your home. The book is divided into seasons and really gives you ideas of plants all through the year inside your home. From vines to different herbs, there are plants you would never even think about using as a houseplant. I can’t wait to try a dutchman’s pipe inside my home next year and see how it does. Besides all the beautiful plants that you can have inside your home, she gives you some plants that probably won’t work inside. For instance some herbs like basil and rosemary just won’t work inside due to the amount of light that they need. But others like marjoram and thyme look beautiful in a home setting.

Besides all the great information, the photography is beautiful. The containers that she uses are also so pretty. I really wish I had those containers too. So, if you are an avid gardener, check out The Unexpected Houseplant so that you can still garden with some really different and beautiful plants in your home.

If you are interested in this book or any other gardening books, check out the Lawn and Garden Neighborhood in the west wing of the library. Be sure and check out the display area too for gardening books to check out and gardening information that you can take with you. Happy Gardening.