Spring Into Home Organizing

With warmer temperatures finally here, it’s time to start in on spring cleaning. When I think about spring cleaning, its always about cleaning out those areas and spaces that are seldom used or giving a good scrubbing to something that’s casually cleaned throughout the year. If you’re looking for a great way to start, think about organizing your home to simplify cleaning and prevent yourself from being on the next episode of hoarders!

If you’re like me, you never know where to start for such a colossal task. Luckily, the library has a large selection of books on organizing your life and your home! The Easy Organizer: 365 Tips for Conquering Clutter is a great starting point to plan your spring cleaning. It offers tips on how to stay motivated once you start cleaning and tips on keeping your home organized. Marilyn Bohn makes organizing your home seem like it’s a piece of cake. She gives tips on what to pitch and what to keep with simple explanations behind her reasoning. She takes you room by room, giving ideas on everyday household items that can be recycled to help reorganize and declutter your home.

Some easy tips to help in your quest for a cleaner and more organized home:

1) Never leave a room empty handed. See that glass that has been sitting in the living room all week? On your way to the kitchen? Take it with you. It seems simple, but it helps keep your home clean even after you’ve finished spring cleaning. Repeat every time you leave a room and you notice that you spend a lot less time cleaning.

2) Divide and conquer. Spend a few minutes each day cleaning a small section. Today could be the day you clean that bathroom, the messy living room will always be there tomorrow. By the end of the week, your whole home is nearly done.

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3) Organize your bedding and sheet sets by folding the flat sheet around the fitted sheet and sticking it in a pillow case. Next time you head to your closet, you can quickly identify sets and not worry about where that fitted sheet is or where you put the rest of the shams.

4) Take your shirts hanging in your closet and flip all the hangars around. After a year or so it’s easy to see what shirts you truly wear and which ones should probably be donated or added to your lawn and paint shirt collection.

For some home organizing tips on-line, check out realsimple.com.

For more books on organizing your home, check out these and others in the home neighborhood here at the library.

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  1. Enjoyed the article – Thanks! Plan to tackle some spring cleaning this weekend. Now, since you’re a meteorologist too, can you please send us a nice, long spring? It’s 32 this morning!

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