Roma, the Hound Dog

This story is told by Roma, Steve Madden’s beloved dog.

We have a chair that is magic. If I sit on it, you come back, always. This ratty old chair was pulled out of the dumpster when you were living in student housing and had no money for furniture.

Every time you leave you say, “Roma stay and be a good dog.” I run to the chair and watch you ride away. You always look back and wave. I know I look sad but I’m a hound dog so I aways look sad.

I can tell how long you are going to be gone by the type of bag you take. If you take the leather bag you will be back in time to feed me dinner and take me for a walk sometimes by the fern bed where you found me. If you take the little green bag you are only gone for an hour or two. You come back wet, smell like chlorine and are tired. The best is the blue backpack because that means we are hitting the trail. We spend all day walking the woods and gorges behind the house. My least favorite is the big red and black bag that has all the camping and climbing equipment in it. That means I will have to sit in the chair and wait a long time for you to return.

But, you always come back. And that makes me very happy! I bark, run around in circles and you let me lick your face. I know you love me because you smile when you see me and the dark things in the middle of your eyes get big. However, I love you more. Not only do you feed me and give me a warm place to sleep but you pet my head and let me love you and you love me back.

Unlike the people who dumped me, when you say you’ll come back you always do.

(Roma died on Christmas Day 1999)