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If you are looking for a good pet story, the Library’s Pets Neighborhood has a great selection of pet memoirs. There are tales of dogs who saved their owners’ lives, cats who taught their owners about life and love, a town that saved two horses, dogs who were lost and overcame huge odds to find their way home, and much more.

Four-legged Miracle is a collection of lost-and-found dog stories. Brad and Sherry Steiger have compiled some of the most miraculous true-life accounts of dogs overcoming unbelievable odds to find their way home after being lost. They include Mason, a terrier, who crawled home on two broken legs after a tornado devastated his home; Buca, who sat on a hill overlooking a highway in Utah waiting for his owner’s car to come rescue him; and Eddie, a beagle, who made his way back home after four months and many miles to reunite with his disabled four-year-old buddy, Jimmy.

Ted Kerastoe tackles the question of how can we give our pets the longest life possible in Pukka’s Promise: The Quest for Longer-lived Dogs. After losing his beloved dog, Merle, Kerastoe gets a new puppy, Pukka. He goes on a quest to determine the best things possible he can do to give Pukka a long, long life. He questions how we feed our dogs, how we vaccinate our dogs, and even whether we should spay or neuter our dogs. The answers may be surprising to even the most knowledgeable owners.

In Kitty Cornered: How Francis and Five Other Incorrigible Cats Seized Control of Our House and Made It Their House, Bob Tarte tells about how his house went from one cat to six. Tarte describes how he makes concessions to the cats in all areas of his life including sleeping arrangements, dining habits, and furniture placement. What Tarte untimately gleans from his feline companions is the art of contentment, even amidst illness and injury.

To see these memoirs and many more, come to the Pets Neighborhood, and if you have read a pet memoir that you really love, let us know what it is.



Marta Miles

My name is Marta Miles, and I have been a reference librarian at TSCPL for 32 years. I'm a life-long animal lover and owner. I've owned guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, dogs, rabbits, and birds. I currently share my abode with a Bernese Mountain Dog named Boomer and a cockatiel named Piper. Come see me if you have questions about the Pets Neighborhood. You can also contact me if you have questions about books in our Home Neighborhood.

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