Organizing Grocery Shopping

grocery cart in aisleI love to make lists. However, I often failed to make two important weekly lists – a menu and a grocery list. I kept getting frustrated with not having what I needed when I needed it. This usually translated to me going to the nearest drive-thru for dinner.

My mom is one of the most organized people I know. In her kitchen I’d see the menu posted each week. She wrote her list each before she went grocery shopping so she knew what to buy. “Why am I not doing this?” I decided to make my own weekly menu and list.

I also started making a regular time to go shopping when I was unlikely to be hungry. We all buy more groceries when we’re hungry. Just a snack before I go makes me less likely to grab extra items. I also make sure I have my grocery list with me. If I have that with me, I’m less likely to buy something I don’t need. Having a specific grocery list notebook is much easier to locate than just using a random piece of paper. If you prefer an electronic list, make a list on your phone since it’s probably with you all the time.

writing with a blue penI noticed pretty quickly that I would forget things that weren’t on the week’s menu. It was always simple things like milk or laundry detergent. I found a notepad with a magnet on the back that I keep on the fridge next to the menu. This gives me somewhere to quickly note if there is a staple I need.

Book Recommendations

The Organized Kitchen by Brette Sember has some excellent tips for saving time, money and stress while cooking. Secrets of An Organized Mom by Barbara Reich will help you declutter and streamline, even if you aren’t a mom. Another great book specifically about kitchens is 1001 Ideas for Kitchen Organization.

What tips do you have for keeping your kitchen life organized?

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