New Pet DVD’s

dvd display

The Library has a great collection of nonfiction videos, and there are several new ones that will be located in the Pets Neighborhood.

 Alpha Dogs, a National Geographic production, looks inside the training of the elite K-9’s that serve the country. Alpha dogs are trained to jump out of helicopters and track enemies of the United States, including Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Alpha dogs also serve our country in police departments and the Secret Service.

Shelter Me, hosted by actress Katherine Heigl, is a documentary about shelter pets and their new, adopted owners. It focuses on success stories with the hope of bringing more people into shelters to adopt an animal. The film also features a look inside a woman’s prison where stray dogs are being trained to become service animals and how shelter animals are helping returning war veterans.

In Control Unleashed, Leslie McDevitt demonstrates her training methods. The 4-disc set is designed to be used with McDevitt’s book with the same title. Leslie’s methods are all based on positive reinforcement and help teach you how to build a better relationship with your dog. The end result will be a dog that is confident and focused on you.

Cesar Millan: The Real Story chronicles Millan’s life from illegal immigrant to international superstar. It shows Cesar on his world speaking tour, filming his TV show in Spain, and taking a pack walk in Washington, D. C. with thousands of dogs and their owners. Also, watch as he interacts with dog owners, helping them to improve their relationships with their dogs.

Check out the Pets Neighborhood for these videos and many more.






Marta Miles

My name is Marta Miles, and I have been a reference librarian at TSCPL for 32 years. I'm a life-long animal lover and owner. I've owned guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, dogs, rabbits, and birds. I currently share my abode with a Bernese Mountain Dog named Boomer and a cockatiel named Piper. Come see me if you have questions about the Pets Neighborhood. You can also contact me if you have questions about books in our Home Neighborhood.