New cake pans

Cake pans

Your next party can be a piece of cake when you check out a pan from our adorable cake pan collection. These whimsical cakes are perfect for kids’ parties, baby showers, holidays or any time a celebration calls for cake. Thanks to a generous donor, our cake pan collection more than doubled and now you can bake a mischievous monkey, a lovable Cookie Monster, or even a giant cupcake!

Cake Pan Library

Cake Pan Library Basics

  • Cake pans check out for 14 days
  • Cake pans can be found in the Cooking Neighborhood on the display wall
  • Cake pans are non-renewable
  • Overdue fees are $1 per day
  • There is a $5 fee for cake pans returned dirty or damaged
  • You can reserve cake pans!  Browse the Cake Pan Library in the catalog and place a hold on any of these cute pans

 It’s never been easier to bake up happy memories with our cake pan collection!


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